Anomalocaris lived in the water long before the dinosaurs and are known for their, er, "distinctive" look. Flat bodies over three feet in length, bulging eyes like a...dragonfly, antennae like shrimp tails... They looked so peculiar that people originally thought they were multiple fossils stacked on top of each other! As a delightful side note, "anomalocaris" means "abnormal shrimp". Obviously this animal has a certain reputation in the scientific community!
Details about Anomalocaris
Is craftable: No
Item Size: 1x1
Is Interactive: No
Item color: Black and Gray
Shopping information for Anomalocaris
Orderable from Catalog: No
Sell Price: 2,000 Bells
Drop-Off Box Sell Price: 1,600 Bells
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Where to find Anomalocaris
  • Assessing fossils
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