Darner Dragonfly

The darner dragonfly is a very fast dragonfly, flying at speeds up to 40 miles per hour! They all have a distinctive green hue, but the males have blue underbellies while females have yellow ones. It all sounds pleasant enough, no? Well, did you know their young eat tadpoles...and even some small fish! Worse, these creepy carnivores will eat each other in a pinch! Grotesque does not describe it...
Details about Darner Dragonfly
Item Size: 1x1
Item color: Green and Green
Shopping information for Darner Dragonfly
Orderable from Catalog: No
Sell Price: 230 Bells
Drop-Off Box Sell Price: 184 Bells
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How to find Darner Dragonfly
Where / How: Flying near water
Weather: Any except rain
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