Sea Cucumber

The sea cucumber, much like its relatives the sea urchin and sea star, has no heart nor brain. However, unlike its relatives, it has no shell nor spikes to with which to protect itself either. So how does a softy such as this stay safe in the open ocean? Brace yourself I say… when threatened sea cucumbers jettison their innards out of their backsides! Hoo! Gross but true! The sticky, stringy stuff ensnares predators, allowing the cuke to make its escape and grow its insides back. One might say…the sea cucumber is a GUTSY creature, indeed. Hoo hoo, hee hee! Do forgive me!
Details about Sea Cucumber
Shadow Size: Medium
Item Size: 1x1
Movement Speed: Very slow
Version Added: 1.3.0
Shopping information for Sea Cucumber
Orderable from Catalog: No
Sell Price: 500 Bells
Drop-Off Box Sell Price: 400 Bells
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How to find Sea Cucumber
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